About jenniferkatzgallery.com

You’ve probably heard the story about the young man who was so moved by a single dish, he set out to build a career in cooking, no matter how many years of pain and poverty it might take. My route wasn’t quite as poetic. I got my first glimmer of things to come when I took an aptitude test in high school. This test revealed my aptitude for not one, but two career fields: Advertising and Culinary.  I considered both for a nanosecond, then decided to become an advertising peon instead. Finally, eight years and 3 major corporations later, I decided it was time to go for the part of the aptitude test that really got my heart.

I learned the craft of cooking by whipping up dishes for my family of 6 while everyone was either at school or work. Then one day I was recruited to cater a personal party, and that set me off on this food/lifestyle binge. From there, I catered small events and house parties as I kept my corporate job. Always meeting new people and assisting the socially challenged, I’ve learned a lot about what makes a great party. What foods to serve for certain guests, what music to play, how to handle the unruly guest and how to get guests engaging in one another.

I created this site to share my personal stories of entertaining, cooking and being social. I truly hope you are inspired by my recipes and stories that you will be able to have the same experiences I’ve had.