My Ina Garten Inspired Cream Cheese Pound Cake
December 13th, 2010|6 Comments

Ina Garten Inspired Pound Cake 600x400 My Ina Garten Inspired Cream Cheese Pound CakeOver the summer, a colleague invited a few of us to Ina Garten’s house in the Hamptons. My colleague didn’t realize that Ina has been my obsession for the past 7 years. Could this really be happening to me? Up until this point, Ina was just a friend in my head. I felt like a kid about to walk through his television into his favorite TV show. Was Jeffrey going to be reading his books in the study? What about all of Ina’s gays? Were they going to be in the garden making flower arrangements for us? The questions that had been running through my head for years were about to be answered.


Petulla AKA Fried Dough
October 25th, 2010|11 Comments

petulla fried dough social chef1 600x428 Petulla AKA Fried DoughMany parents pass down the same traditions to their children as their parents did to them. These traditions range from the meaningful (a piece of jewelry worn on your wedding day) to the absurd (putting garlic in your underwear to ward off the evil eye). Not sure why my mom thinks the cure for mental illness and diabetes is marriage, but I digress…

As we mature into adults, we may cast aside some of these traditions. But there is one that we can’t let go of, and that’s food. The smell of a dish can bring you right back to amazing memories of your youth.


Stupid Chocolate Cake w/ Mascarpone & Marshmallow Frosting
August 16th, 2010|5 Comments

Chocolate Cake 600x450 Stupid Chocolate Cake w/ Mascarpone & Marshmallow FrostingNo no, the cake is not stupid. Seriously, I’m not trying to say anything bad about cakes. I think people who bake are stupid. How can you lock yourself in a kitchen, cook, wait, cook, wait, cook and wait all day long?  It’s the most ridiculous thing ever. Whenever someone tells me they’ve baked something from scratch two things go through my head. First, I think they must have absolutely nothing better to do with their time and that they are gay.


I Hate You Rice Pudding with Cherry Syrup
June 29th, 2010|4 Comments

Rice Pudding 600x450 I Hate You Rice Pudding with Cherry SyrupAccording to the dictionary forgiving is to cease to feel resentment against an offender. To the rest of us it means letting someone think you’re not mad at him or her and then torturing them until you can’t take it anymore. Finally you curse them out and feel much better. That’s what I usually do, and I know it’s not the best thing, but I do love getting even.


Tres Leche Cake
June 6th, 2010|5 Comments

Tres Leche Cake 600x450 Tres Leche CakeDon’t you feel like trying something new once in a while when going out to eat? Sometimes it’s good to mix it up and try a new cuisine or even venture out to a new neighborhood and expand your culture. It can sometimes be intimidating not knowing how to understand the menu or seeing things that you’ve never heard of. This is the time you go out with your diverse friends.

Balsamic Strawberries
April 12th, 2010|8 Comments

Balsamic Strawberries 600x450 Balsamic Strawberries

I remember the first time we got a bottle of balsamic vinegar at home. It was the early 90′s and someone gave it to my mother as a gift. For two weeks straight my mom added balsamic to everything. Every piece of chicken had a balsamic glaze and every ounce of beef was marinated in balsamic vinegar. It was a bit much, but I did feel fancy coming to school with tomatoes drowning in vinegar while all the other kids had salad with ranch dressing.


Orange and Rosemary Squares
March 21st, 2010|3 Comments

Orange and Rosemary Squares 600x450 Orange and Rosemary Squares

I really dislike baking. It’s such a pain in the ass. I wanted to make something light and refreshing for the great weather we are having in NYC, but didn’t know where to turn. A few weeks ago in Charleston, I had a drink made of orange juice, vodka and rosemary. After 6 of them, I though to myself, this would make an awesome dessert! It’s a great blend of sweet and savory. The butter, sugar and rosemary combo becomes very addicting.


Vegan Chocolate Truffles
March 7th, 2010|6 Comments

Vegan Chocolate Truffles 600x450 Vegan Chocolate TrufflesI know it sounds gross, but these are actually amazing. I made them for a vegan/flaky friend and he never showed up to the party. This is why you can’t trust vegans, consultants or white women.


F**K You Cookies!
February 22nd, 2010|11 Comments

Chocolate and Pecan Cookies 600x450 F**K You Cookies!Nothing says, “Hi, I hate your guts” like these cookies. They look beautiful, are perfectly cooked, sweet, crispy and taste like shit. I love giving these to people I hate. Sometimes I bring in a batch to work and leave them in the kitchen.


Peanut Butter and Jelly Ice Cream Pie
January 18th, 2010|7 Comments

Peanut Butter and Jelly Pie 600x450 Peanut Butter and Jelly Ice Cream Pie

Growing up, I remember watching an ice cream cake commercial with a weird shaped character that had a high-pitched voice going on and on about how great ice cream cake was. I used to beg my parents to get me that cake, but for someone reason they thought making me a cake out of Bisquick with dollops of raspberry jam and mini mountains of powdered sugar (mom used a fork to sift) was just as enticing to a 7 year old.