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Midnight Train to Kentucky… Fried Chicken
February 15th, 2011|1 Comment

20110215 0802091 Midnight Train to Kentucky... Fried Chicken

Organic Flashmob?
February 2nd, 2011|Submit Comment »

 Organic Flashmob?http://www.amiando.com/smwnyflashmob.html

Sustainable Flashmob, Hosted by Foodspotting and Whole Foods Market

Bowery Whole Foods Market

Start: Monday, Feb 07 2011 10:00 AM

End: Monday, Feb 07 2011 11:30 AM

Fred and His FingerFood
January 23rd, 2011|2 Comments

fingerfood 648 600x600 Fred and His FingerFoodhttp://www.worldwidefred.com/fingerfood.htm

Shady Bitch Cookies
January 3rd, 2011|2 Comments

 Shady Bitch Cookies

I have two cousins that make these amazing oatmeal cookies for me every time I see them. Normally, I don’t eat oatmeal cookies — but these are phenomenal: soft oats on the inside, crunchy oats on the outside and chocolate chips instead of raisins. I’ve asked them for the recipe many times, but each time I did, they wouldn’t utter a word. Curiously, they didn’t even say that they don’t share recipes. They were just completely silent.


Love me some… Sweet Magic
December 13th, 2010|Submit Comment »

sweet magic jennifer katz gallery Love me some... Sweet Magic

I’ve been out of commission for about a month due personal and family issues. I couldn’t work, cook, turn on the computer or go out. It was probably the worst month of my life. The biggest decision I made most days was whether to watch The View or The Jerry Springer Show.


Would Sista Souljah Eat These?
December 10th, 2010|Submit Comment »

hip hop cupcakes Would Sista Souljah Eat These?

Watch the Full Commercial

Favorite Song to Listen to While Cooking
August 29th, 2010|Submit Comment »

Cee Lo Fuck You Favorite Song to Listen to While CookingSorry everyone, crazy week and haven’t had time to rant, bitch, cry, complain or cook. Very unproductive for me. Check out my new favorite song and to my millions (tens) of fans, see you after the holiday!