Lentil Coconut Curry Soup with Chicken
March 2nd, 2012|Submit Comment »

Lentil Coconut Curry Soup 600x467 Lentil Coconut Curry Soup with ChickenWhen my mom first landed in America in 1969, she ended up on Church Avenue in Brooklyn. Not exactly what she pictured her new life in America would look like, but it was better than what she had before in Albania.


Food52 Feature: Jennifer Katz Gallery’s Lamb Meatballs
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 Food52 Feature: Jennifer Katz Gallerys Lamb Meatballs

Food52 Feature: Jennifer Katz Gallery’s Lamb Meatballs

Chicken Thighs with Chimichurri Sauce
October 24th, 2011|2 Comments

Chimichurri Sauce 600x428 Chicken Thighs with Chimichurri Sauce

Chicken Thighs with Chimichurri Sauce

I just stared eating chimichurri sauce a few years ago and figured out the 2 tricks you need to remember to make it memorable. First, always add oregano and second, drizzle it over chicken thighs.

Chicken Thighs

It’s best to BBQ over medium heat for 45 minutes, but if you don’t have a grill just use your oven.

Preheat your oven to 400 degrees. Cover your thighs in Olive Oil and a sprinkle with salt and pepper on each side. In a single layer place them in the oven and bake for about 45 minutes.

: Chimichurri Sauce
  1. 2 Tablespoons Italian Parsley – Chopped
  2. 2 Tablespoons Oregano -Chopped
  3. ½ teaspoon Salt
  4. ½ Teaspoon Black Pepper
  5. ¼ Teaspoon Red Pepper Flakes
  6. ¼ Cup Olive Oil

  1. Mix all of the ingredients and set aside for at least one hour. Use a fork to drizzle the herbs over your warm chicken.

Brooklyn Shrimp Salad
August 3rd, 2011|3 Comments

Brooklyn Shrimp Salad 600x400 Brooklyn Shrimp SaladThis recipe is named after my least favourite borough of New York City: Brooklyn! It may be the home of Lil’ Kim, but I just can’t bring myself to move there. I avoid it as much as I can. But for some reason, all the cool, good-looking smokers have inhabited it.


Grouper with Mango
May 24th, 2011|1 Comment

Grouper with Mango 600x428 Grouper with Mango

I recently went to the land of retired doormen, elevator men and porters: Puerto Rico! Nothing like what I had expected. Growing up, the only Puerto Ricans I knew were either in gangs, worked in my building or came out of hiding on a random Sunday in June for a parade. OK, OK… not all of them, but enough for me to make a statement like that without worrying about a serious challenge. It is one of the most absolutely beautiful and tranquil places I have ever been.


Chicken Milanese
April 25th, 2011|2 Comments

Chicken Milanese Jennifer Katz Gallery 600x400 Chicken MilaneseAs you get older, you make certain upgrades in your life. You go from a twin bed to a full/queen, a Swatch watch to a Rolex, Aqua Net to Consort and Chicken Parmesan to Chicken Milanese. This is just the evolution of becoming an adult.


Lamb Meatballs with Yogurt Sauce
May 19th, 2010|8 Comments

Lamb Meatballs 600x450 Lamb Meatballs with Yogurt SauceGrowing up my mother would buy any meat that was on sale and call it beef. Venison, lamb, buffalo were all turned into roast beef, meatballs and hamburgers. She had quite an imagination for such a frugal lady. It all came to an end one night when my dad wanted steak for dinner. She swore on all her daughters (not me) that it was beef, but my dad knew better. He packed her bags and threw her ass out of the house.


Airplane Food – Short Ribs
May 13th, 2010|6 Comments

Short Ribs 600x450 Airplane Food – Short RibsThis dish is in honor of Richard Branson and all the Virgin Stewardesses that wouldn’t upgrade me for free. So suck it!


Gay Steak?
April 25th, 2010|1 Comment

Gay Steak 600x450 Gay Steak?

There are two types of people that go to steak houses; douche bags and old sluts. Women come to steak houses in packs like wolves and want to show how strong and independent they are. In reality they’re just horny and want to be noticed. The men are there to act like total cavemen; laughing really loudly, eating, grunting and drinking like pigs. It’s almost like a gay club minus the disco balls, crystal meth and glitter.


Tangerine Salmon
April 20th, 2010|15 Comments

Tangerine Salmon 600x450 Tangerine SalmonI wish I had an attorney to write me an “eat at your own risk” policy. Since I don’t, I’m telling you straight up not to make this. It might kill you, but it’s delicious.